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I recently learned that I am listed at http://mormonblogosphere.blogspot.com/. At first (I imagine), I thought cool, thanks; but then I moved to how? why? and is this even a good thing? And, especially, how did they find me?

There was a time when I wanted to be listed in a Mormon blog aggregator, but they ignored me and I stopped caring. Now I'm listed at a (nicer looking) site and I'm ambivalent. Real nice, Thappreciative.

Anyway, I'm over myself now and I do appreciate being listed -- particularly at the top under This Is the Place Monument which would seem to be a place of honor. I wonder if I'll stay there when they realize I'm the sort of feller who publishes things like this and this and this and this, and, even worse, this and this and this and this...?

Anyway, thanks. And how are you finding people? This Is the Place Monument also includes dear friends like Foxy J and Petra, and also on the site are my new-but-great blogger brother Schmetterling (in The Bowery) and his barely-a-blogger friend Schlange, and our mutual friend cMac (both in the student section). It's almost like . . . it's almost like you, dear aggregator, are stalking me and the people I know.
You aren't are you?

Anyway, to get into svithe territory, this comes back to two svithe-worthy topics:
    1. Elder Ballard's call to literary arms. I've svithed about this before, but in gist, Elder Ballard says we Morfolk need to get the Word out electronically. I still don't think of myself as a religious blogger per se, but just being blatantly What I Am does, I think, meet his requirements.

    2. Supporting the Saints. The Body of Christ is supposed to be a community, a loving community. And how can we do that unless we can find each other? Ergo, a blog aggregator must needs be a good idea. So let it be written.
For this reason, even though it kind of goes against my button policy (unwritten and nebulous, but that's why we love it), I am going to add this button to the bottom of Thmusings:

(Don't you other aggregators go getting any ideas.)

Just call it my turn to spread the love around.

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