Svithe: Thou shalt not write by way of commandment, but by wisdom


I'm taking this line out of context, so I'm not giving a reference, but it's scriptural and you can find it yourself if you want. Suffice it to say that although I am misinterpreting scripture, I'm pretty sure I'm actually wresting it to my salvation.

Thou shalt not write by way of commandment, but by wisdom.

While I am trying to make more efforts to swing my pendulum from the God-expects-me-to-do-things-myself extreme to the God-expects-me-to-listen-up-and-do-what-he-says extreme (or, more accurately, to find some accurate middle ground), I will never stop believing that a successful pass at mortality requires figuring paths out and executing them on our own volition. Not separate from God, mind you, but through our agency. Our own ability to think and to choose.

Which, as a writer, explains why I like that line so much.

Thou shalt not write by way of commandment, but by wisdom.

Because it's a slothful and not a wise servant who has to be compelled in all things.


Thou shalt not write by way of commandment, but by wisdom.

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Moses und Aron (a svithe posted to late to attract much response)


Exodus 7:1 And the Lord said unto Moses, See, I have made thee a god to Pharaoh: and Aaron thy brother shall be thy prophet.


Moses und Aron

by Will Bishop
(in The Fob Bible)

And so it was that God gave us Aaron
for Moses was slow of speech
and didn’t look right in a business suit,
for we yanked on his bulrush-bred beard
and mocked him,

mocked him, the man who would that we might meet God,
lab-coated, sulfury-smelling and steaming-mad down from Mount Sinai.
The master of the shape-shifting serpent pen—
rejected, returned the manila envelope,
advised to apply at the library.

And so it was that God gave his genius to Aaron,
the great dilutor, p.r. man of the Pentateuch,
to trim that burning bush into topiary
and punch-up the prose with a little sports metaphor,
and a little golden calf.

And so it was that we came to prefer the spokesman
while the prophet was buried in an unmarked grave
and was not permitted into our Promised Land,
where we would burn the fat of rams
and would ask God for a king.


What's the deal here?

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I'm caught totally off guard by President Monson speaking before a second song. Slow down, there!

He's talking about new converts and helping in disasters et cetera. Humanitarian Aid as part of the welfare effort.

I'm forced to wonder if this is a response to Glenn Beck....

Also, more temples. Payson Utah doesn't have quite the same ring as Bolivia, does it?


Temple ordinances.

Francis's broken hip.

The story of the Monson who converted her parents.

Wow. He's really waxing nostalgic today. He's even breaking character.

Boyd K Packer
    Correlation as function of priesthood--? 180 years since priesthood restoration, and still a tiny fraction of the Earth's billions. "I include the sisters because everyone needs to know what's required of the brethren"? I think I smell this conf's controversial quote. Boy headed to Vietnam who went away sorrowing, yet did what the prophet said. Nice tale. Abbreviated ending. (I'm engaged in preventing my children from throwing playdoh around the house.) I the lord am bound when you do what I say . . . . The adversary more interested in attacking the home than church meetings.

I think I'm skipping Twitter this year. It's overpopulated by #ldsconf-hashing. Can't possibly keep up and still even half-listen.

Sister Beck
    I love Sister Beck. Mostly because she's good at starting discussions online. We need to avoid the desire for greater ease. Alas, I fear that is true. Listening and reacting to the Spirit the greatest thing to learn in this life. Important to be daily with scriptures and prayer. (I really need to do better at revisiting these talks after the weekend. It's hard to type and listen and parent small children all at the same time.) as the women of the church as seen as distinct in happy ways.....

Bishop McMullin
    Discord and Disaster Are Everywhere! I forgive you, brother! I cried, With all my heart! I had never known God's love as intently as I did then. How do we know our path of duty in time of Crisis? We pray. Pray always lest you play into temptation. (I think my quoting ability is pretty shabby today.) It's as important to be guided by the Spirit when praying as to be guided by the Spirit in receiving answers.

Wilford Anderson
    Parley Street in Nauvoo. Quotes from the happy hopeful homeless as they walked through horrors. (Been reading a lot about happiness research lately and it's true: the obvious things aren't the things that make us happy.) products of faith in the lord HOPE faith comes from obeying the commandments "Does anyone in this room have a problem with the plan of salvation? Well? Do ya punk?"

M Russell Ballard
    Lots of girls in the Ballard family. Girls, your mothers adore you. Even if they don't have a Facebook page. Listen to your mother, trust her, respect her, etc. Untie her.... Throughout the history of the world, women have been instructors of moral values. consistent message whether mother/daughter or father/son

Pr Eyring
    The Perilous Journey Home needing rescue as teenagers / need for a strong spiritual foundation doesn't take a formal calling in primary our youth can be brought to heaven . . . in a noncreepy way


Elder Perry
    preparation from overpreparation never wasted parenting among the most powerful things for the good of society home as insulation from the outside

    Oct 6, 1536 - Tyndale killed for translating Bible (Lost some stuff. Safari crashed (Apples......) and Large S threw a big tantrum. But I'm back now.) bringing the gospel to all people in their own language

Elder Aoyagi
    (Thank you, Twitter, for supplying that spelling.) (so much chaos at home right now I'm catching very little of this) His conversion from Buddhism. popcorn seeds in a bottle

    pilot crashes into the lake about 100 yards from where he crashed last year as they keep the commandments, blessings will follow interesting how many examples of lousy older brothers and excellent younger brothers are in the scriptures --- how do we interpret this in terms of directing us to THE Elder Brother?

    word choice in the Word of Wisdom Invite children as gospel learners to act and not merely be acted upon. Clarity of BofM's teachings. plainness that they may learn discussions on BofM let parents listen to observe and teach children youth of all ages --- even infants --- respond to BofM; I have baby; will test Here are this three main points (thx again to twitter): 1. Reading and talking about BoM, 2. Bear testimony of gospel truths spontaneously, 3. Invite children to act and not be acted upon Parents need to be ready to catch spontaneous opps to teach Now we're getting to inviting kids to act. We are agents to act, and not merely be acted upon. Parents are not in the business of handing out fish. Which is why on take-your-kids-to-work day, I let them go and I just stay home. Good FHEs not caused by people who package crap for sell. spiritual discernment and inspiration from these three habits are something --- good I presume

Elder Holland!
    The Pornography Talk Sure hope I don't have a porn problem since I spent this whole talk stopping fights and changing diapers. "The only real control in life is self control." A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. So. Watch your step. "You shouldn't be serving tea anyway." Best conference joke of recent memory. Why? Great setup. Remember the symbols you take with you. Let's work a little harder at always remembering him. Like, that he hath borne our griefs. charity comes from the grace of Christ himself "el diablo" --- to connect to "the diabolical one"? to take the edge off the naming for a primarily English audience, but still with a word they are apt to recognize?



Pr Uchtdorf
    Bombing a statue of Jesus. I think I can smell some Easter symbolism coming up. "You are my hands." Not what I expected. Very nice. Humanitarian aid Tasting the sweetness of the gospel led canned-food Saints to being saved also In our zeal we can confuse sin with sinner. (And preference with sin, I might add.) talk and poetry and song means nothing till accompanied by action Christ removed himself from the crowd.

Richard G Scott
    I remember the last time Easter and Conference coincided --- 2001 or '2 --- and there was very little directly on Christ Jesus proper. This time, we're off to one two. vital that we learn what we can about the atonement family again; teaching therein seems to be the theme this time around He Lives

Donald Hallstrom (possibly two Ls)
    Uh oh. Dead baby story. Uh oh. Revenge story. Destruction of the entire family's spirituality. Uh oh. More dead babies. And the mother. This time grief turns them to the Lord. Wow. Lots of dead babies in this talk. Without sorrow we cannot know joy. Implication: it's worth it. guy who fell away because his name was spelled wrong v. those in Liberty Jail the very jaws of hell . . . shall give thee experience and be for thy good Joseph's confidence in overcoming constant opposition based in his somethingsomethingsomething the Lord

    (sounds like Megan Mullaly) another talk about the responsibilities of parents to teachers teach the children we as parents the angels sent to teach the children (ahhh)

QL Cook
    holiness of sacrament meeting tsunami in Samoa

Thomas S. Monson
    of all the facts of mortality, none is so certain as its end If a man die, shall he live again? man with a brain and a mind and a soul --- should come to an end to understand the purpose of death, we must understand the purpose of life from our preexistant state onward the perfect example for us to follow telling the story of the final hours of Christ's life ------>story, even oft repeated story, is still great teaching So if a man die, shall he live again? He shall. We know by the light of revealed truth. darkness of death etc can always be dispelled by the light of revealed truth Jason opened his eyes and sat up and said NEVER in a loud resolute voice. called to serve their missions together on both sides of the veil in our hour of deepest sorrow we can receive profound peace he is not here for he has risen (I thought the both-sides-of-the-veil line was cheesy, but apparently it was a hit)

direct a smooth segue into the choir singing He Is Risen


Elder Nelson
    more family more Jesus (POWER OUTAGE) striving to make a family tree for all God's children

Elder Hales
    re:theyouth duty to rising gen influence of parents who understand the hearts of their children it's not the food but the interaction that feeds the soul (family dinner) youth cannot walk on borrowed light long

Bradley Foster
    mothers...... (if you only read one story from conference......)

    happiness dependent on how we react to adversity immunizations as metaphor for earthly tribulation

    redeeming Martha making priorities leaving the Holy Ghost on the shelf

    Haitians v Nephites

Anderson o' the 12
    the is the age in which the devil has a big budget so do our kids know Jesus's message as well? spirit of the lord accompanying late-night conversations (feel free to use this out of context) his name be praised for ever and ever

President Monson
    We're all here because we love the Lord, we want to serve him. we leave more determined than we came Study the messages in the month to come. Thanks, folks.

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