177.0 Svithetacular: Redux


For the first time, it appears no one was nuts enough to read my entire svithetacular. Ergo, here, one month later, I have combed it for things inside "s and pulled them out. The assumption being things within "s are worth pulling out. So you can read them and be filled. If that's possible without any context....

    Elder Jeffrey R Holland
      "Negative speaking so often flows from negative feeling. Including negative felling about ourselves."

    Elder Joseph B Wirthlin
      "Priesthood means service; bearing the priesthood, I will serve."

    Bishop Kevin B McMullin
      "you are in charge of your world"

    President Gordon B Hinckley
      "I regret that I am so old at a time when the world is so exciting."

    President James E Faust
      "This thing will destroy my family if we don't forgive."

    Elder Neil L Anderson
      "It's true isn't it? Then what else matters?"

    Elder Gary J Coleman
      "I am a devout Christian"

    Elder Dieter Uchtdorf
      "the divine and eternal operative principle of repentance"

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The Svithe of the Two Socks


Sunday: I need socks for church. I grab two seemingly identical Gold Toes from my drawer. But they are not identical: One has faded. I don't have time to change it.

At the end of the day, the faded sock has stayed up without fail.

The blacker sock has fallen down my calf over and over again.

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That kind of movie (a svithe)

Brigham City

That kind of movie

Back when I was working at Video II, I used to talk movies a great deal with a guy named Alex (also Mormon) who was a huge film nut. For his first date with his fiancee, they each brought a movie and had a doublefeature. I forget what he brought, but she brought American Beauty, and her exquisite taste in film was what first let him know she was the girl for him.

We were working in our backroom together when Video II purchased several hundred copies of Brigham City. I acclaimed the film (more on that later) and he was shocked by that acclaim. But when he saw that the movie had been favorably compared to the Coens' Blood Simple he rethought his kneejerk rejection to Mormon cinema. But, alas, (he said), for his fiancee would never go for it. She just didn't like that kind of movie.


"That kind of movie"?!?! What the heck is "that kind of movie"?!

I don't understand how so many "cultured" Mormons reject the possibility of their own crafting good art. As if there is something inherently gauche about being LDS.

And it pisses me off.

Richard Dutcher

Richard DutcherRichard Dutcher directed Brigham City and he directed God's Army--the first Mormon film of the modern era (if you will). In my opinion, God's Army was pretty good, though not astonishing or anything. But it certainly bode well.

The next year he released Brigham City and that movie affected me powerfully in two ways. The night after coming home from watching it, I was awake long into the night considering my own capacity for evil. I lay there, looking at my hands, and contemplated their ability to strangle. Which was an unfortunate reaction, because much more powerfully than its depiction of evil, the movie gave a powerful example of redemption. Never before had I understood the meaning and purpose of the sacrament quite so clearly.

The movie taught me my own religion.

And it was as good as a Coen Brothers' film. Best of both worlds.

But, it ends up, in some way, even Dutcher considered Brigham City to be that kind of movie.

Movies that suck

The Singles WardOne of the first nonDutcher LDS films was this monstrosity. Dutcher read an early draft of the film and offered advice to make it better. He saw an early cut of the film and offered advice to make it funny. In neither case was his advice followed and the final product was one of the worst movies ever. EVER. It had exactly one funny moment (not enough for your average comedy) and was a repulsive mess from start to finish. It's an awful film.

Unfortunately, The Singles Ward has proven to be a more0followed template than Dutcher's work as the world of LDS film has unfolded.

And it's a pity.

Or it was.... Until Thursday.

Going away

Last Thursday appeared Dutcher's final words as the godfather of Mormon cinema. He has now cut his ties. Not only as the unofficial head of a movement, but as a Mormon entirely.

Although it comes a blow to the gut (more on that later), with a day's passage, it's less surprising. Dutcher's official bio, for instance, makes his Church membership sound more like a point of academic interest rather than an actual part of his soul, and I'm sure he wrote it himself. Writers, at least, certainly ought to write their own bios. Seems silly to leave it to someone else.

Also silly: some of Dutcher's reasons for going away.

For instance: he doesn't like the movies the Church produces.

Lady Steed and I heard Dutcher mention this topic at BYU once just before the release of Brigham City. Talking about the Church film Testaments, he complained why, with so many great stories available in the Book of Mormon, did they feel the need to make a Book of Mormon story up? And to give it a monkey? Fair questions.

Me, I thought Testaments was pretty nondescript. Save for the absolute final moment when it suddenly worked, the movie was just silly.

So Dutcher thinks the Church should make better films. And that Singles Ward (et al) sucked. And that--here it comes--LDS filmmakers should be aiming more for the acclaim of the world.


Keith Merrill

Kieth MerrillKeith Merrill is the Oscar-winning director of Testaments (I think it must kill Dutcher that a 'Church-film-making hack' like Merrill has an Oscar, but that's another discussion.) and yesterday, the same newspaper that carried Dutcher's self-serving valedictory address published a (also somewhat self-serving) reply from Merrill.

While he seems a little preoccupied with Dutcher's slams on his work, I do believe him when he closes with
    Perhaps my anger is in truth deep sorrow. A sense of loss. The ultimate great loss to Richard Dutcher and his family by his departure from the church. The great loss of a truly talented filmmaker from the league of "inspired hearts and talented fingers" seen in vision so many years ago.
This is also how I feel. I feel loss.

But we'll return to that in a second. Right now, what Merrill said.

One of his major points was an attack on Dutcher's telling young filmmakers to "Passionately adhere to the guideline that it is better to tell an R-rated truth than a G-rated lie." Now, while I agree that a) the MPAA is a waste of time and b) the MPAA is not church-sponsored and c) it is better to tell an R-rated truth than a G-rated lie, Dutcher has created a pernicious false dichotomy here. He seems to suggest that there are no R-rated lies or G-rated truths or PG anythings. Now, intellectually, I'm sure he will reject that reading of his statement, but, by reading his words, I think he does believe that. Or, at least, he believes telling the truth is important--but the only truths that will get him the acclaim he craves are of the R-rated variety. Whatever that means.

Neil LaBute

Neil LaButeFor a long time, I have had in my heart a soft spot for the famous misanthrope (and estranged Mormon) Neil LaBute. Even though the only one of his movies I've seen was one of the worst literary adaptations of my acquaintance (although I do thank it for proving my long-held assertion that the book was unfilmable). (I do have another film of his in my posession [a leftover screener from my Video II days], but I've never gotten around to watching it.)

The reason I liked him all the same was this: LaBute was disfellowshipped not too many years after becoming a Mormon because of his play bash which, though he did not intend to be viewed as antiMormon, many saw that way anyway. C'est la vie, LaBute.

That isn't why I liked him, though I felt for his being misunderstood.

Why I liked him was this: He did what he was asked by Church leaders and never wrote about Mormons again. Now, I think that was an appalling thing to ask, but I'm not about to secondguess the people on the ground (if you will). The point is, they asked him and he did it. He hasn't written about Mormons since.

Recently, LaBute gave up on his half-in/half-out status and also quit LDSing. He's done; he's out; I'm sad.

An important difference of course is that LaBute never set himself up as The Great Mormon Filmmaker, so the loss of his faith is more of a personal tragedy than a blow to Mormon artists in general.


Being a faithful Mormon presumes that one accepts the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as the source of purest and wholest truth. Mormons are unusually willing to accept other faiths and practices as also being sources of truth, but the fullest truth we claim for ourselves. In, one hopes, all humility.

Art--I agree with Dutcher here--is also a pursuit of truth. Or should be.

Ergo, I cannot look at the loss of talented artists' faith as anything but a loss also in artistic potential.

LaBute has said as much in an interview I can't find, but could have sworn was on Salon. He said, to molaq it, that he had to decide whether to tell stories of depravity or stories healthily Mormon and chose the former.

Do you smell another false dichotomy?

Orson Scott CardI've heard Orson Scott Card speak a number of times, and something that is obviously an irritation to him is how so many people just assume he must have either left or been kicked out of the Church by now because, well, he's a writer and sometimes he writes about unsavory things. Apparently he and fellow Mormon SF-writer Dave Wolverton (who I hear is even more unsavory) chat about this now and then. Apparently people are appalled that such writers get called to fill roles such as high councilman. Horrors!

Shocking and faithful?!?!

So what gives? Some people reject their faith in order to be shocking? Others can shock in spite of their faith? What am I missing?

From Card:
    The fact of the matter is that if you tell the truth, some of your audience will always be shocked anyway; you don't have to soup it up.

Anyone with a sense of history knows that truth-tellers of all stripes--including religious and artistic--have always been prime candidates for stoning. And anytime someone decides they would rather associate with one group of truth-tellers over another, well, I just hope they picked the group actually interested in truth.

    ...the untrained audience is always opened to being transformed, the elitist audience is willing only to be impressed.

Friend Dutcher, I loved you. Good luck out there. And while I could wish you luck in your quest for "truth", I think instead I'll offer you luck where you really want it:

I sure hope you're impressive.

Forced to choose, I hope I would give up being impressive.

But let's be honest.

No one forced you.

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General Conference Svithetacular 177.0



Richard G Scott

Man, Elder Scott is always RIGHT THERE when it's his turn to speak. Every second counts....

On prayer, the command to.

Extended pleas of love and gratitude--

Prayr most effective when striving to be clean and obedient.

Hakuna matata

Never feel to unworthy to pray

the immense power of prayer---comprehendable?

(in the bedroom: I am informed Dumbo needs another blanket)

(we had intended to watch video feed of conference online, but our new machine's Vista is not supported by byu.tv or ksl.com)

(but audio feed reminds us of the early days of marriage, lying in bed and listening to the radio)

no thought save it was to ask me

study it out

THEN ask

shall FEEL that it is right

"a feeling to pray more"--there's a shade of humor though

he's giving his personal versions of how answered prayers feel

So...how do you determine the difference between a stupor and just not paying attention?

peace v burning v stupor

God will answer prayers in the way best for you


This is the first time the svithtacular has been initially typed, rather than transcribed from handwritten notes. How this will make the thing different it not yet certain. I would hypothesize that there will be more svithtacular this way, but one talk a trend does not make. And the Big O has not been too....Oey yet....

Thank you, choir.


Jay E Jensen

A flood? Every time? How exhausting.

J Reben Clark: Music bested only by prayer to get us closer to God.

church music should fascilitate a spirit of worship (def?)

:listen to the prelude music:

hymns as lullabies

1)get early to listen to prelude
2) exit reverently to get the postlude
3)SING the hymns, you lousy good-for-nithings
4)I foget this one---something about appropriate
5)use hymns to play with scriptures
L)listen to hymns in home to get Spirit



John B Dickson (sp? i've no visual)

Good morning youself! (said friendily)

To the youth.
That's not me no more no more
That's not me no more

I have no memory of making a specific WoW commitment, but that hasn't stopped me from staying clean. It's something that I just can't fathom not doing. Why would I suck beer? I have no motivation? I suspect that some things can just be built into one's nature making those sins no temptation at all. While other things....

His story on that subject was so astonishingly generic that it could have been anyone while, in effect, being no one.

Sorry. I don't mean to complain.

Yes! It would be wonderful!

I won't cheat!

No vulgar jokes!


Now for success....

Interesting. Good is cool. Finally!


Elder....Holland? Why didn't we hear him announced?

words are sacred

ergo blogging is sacred?

Caution re: how we speak to each other and of ourselves

Not often we get people quoting the apocrypha in GC

James: offending not in word makes the perfect man

tongue a rudder

reminds me of that old anti-forest-fires ad re: one tree many matches, one match, many trees

(the finite versus the infinite)


the same mouth....

These things ought not so to be

out of the same mouth proceedeth blessings and cursings
these things ought not to be



on words as the shapers of children

It is appropriate for Elder Holland to speak on words, for he is a master of the things.

Okay, no more calling the Big O an evil abomination destined to destroy all that this world has ever made that was beautidul.

Just kidding, Bog I!

"Negative speaking so often flows from negative feeling. Including negative felling about ourselves."


Whatever Whitney said.

bright side of things

drags mena way from God

Ha HA!
I knew it!

Man. Everything looks too yellow.

Hit me one more time. I can still hear you.

No misfortune is so bad that whining won't make it worse.


Speak with a new tongue: the tongue of angels.


Mystery Person why didn't I hear these speakers announced? / Lady Steed thinks it may be Elder Bednar

He looked forward to canning season?

Fine reasons, but still....

How a cucumber becomes a pickle? This sounds good.

Pickles are awesome.

They have no more disposition to do evil but to do good continually.


I like the pickling process being the born-again process because pickling takes time and steps.

immersion, saturation

I predict that this excellent metaphor will be one of the most-remembered and most-quoted parts of this conference.


I just got a chain in the eye....


President Thomas S Monson who also conducted



each must choose to whom he will listen

so easy to choose disbelief; it requires nothing


death like going into another room


the testimony last of all



His endless resource of story is endlessly astonishing.

dead at 22
dead at 14

death is our universal heritage; all must pass its portals

The hottie rejected him?

Sorry---the Big O and I have been singing the Alphabet Song.



President Hinckley conducts in the Tabernacle, back again, to be rededicated this session

Pretty cool

Pres Boyd K Packer

Shoot. Making that sandwich took longer than I expected

excellence is often invisible

I hear sirens through the speakers---anyone know what that was all about?

surely this isn't a testimony of a building---what's he driving at?

Tabernacle a house of faith, fasting, glory, etc, even His House

"symbolic of the Restoration"

You hear, that Choir? Stay on task!

standards of the testimony of Jesus Christ

(standard like a flag)

A hit hymn?


Elder Earl C Tingey

Brigham Young v GB Hinckley


Bishop H David Burton

yet more on the tabernacle


Sister Bonnie D Parkin I don't think I spelled that right

We find in the bittter chill of adversity the true test of our gratitude
--D O McKay

good talk


Elder Marlin K Jensen

constantly accumulating a reservoir of memories
something to dip into

The First Vision

forget yourself and go to work
for 70 years

Memory and Remembrance in the gospel


Pres James E Faust

is there still a baptismal font in the Tab?
where is it?

outdoors meetings
canvas tabernacle


Pres Thomas S Monson

Ah. So the baptistry's gone.

I'm a sucker for a story

Play Misty for meeee!!!


President Gordon B. Hinckley

Fair to say that Tabernacle of "curious workmanship"


Dedicatory Prayer


choir: everyone touch your nose!
who's the bald guy? He looks awful old for this choir....

Eld Joseph B Wirthlin

more reflections

dropped pass
inside voice

keeping eyes on balls
focusing on goals
prioritizing values

Joseph, do what is right no matter the consequences. Do what is right and what is good will follow.

integrity as lasting

have they been showing recreative clips like this all day?
were they all sepia-toned?

"Priesthood means service; bearing the priesthood, I will serve."

sugar beets

service passed on; the power of a great leader

what's your gift

the gift of obedient service?


Elder Robert D Hales

the divine decision that determined eternal progression

noticed: the idea of a single, determining choice

JBW's was in youth
RDH's was in preexistence

RDH's others:
occupation, mission, priesthood, spouse, I missed a lot

all these decisions made in a rather short period of time, ~1 decade, ~your twenties

the fighter pilot who did not prepare for disaster and thus died

preconditioned responces

no decision? DIE WITH THE PLANE

Am I that kind of friend to others?
Am I the kind of person I want my eternal companion to be?

At least I don't need a haircut after all.

the internship of life

develop gifts and talents

prayer in the selection of schooling

so many pilots....

what a way to go

the spiritual inner ear
1 degree at a time
cannot be detected
spiritual vertigo

all or nothing as a pattern for life

time on earth sufficient--
if learned to use wisely during youth

eternal heritage v. things of this world

we were all there in the counsel of heaven
how about at church or on the job

(and not as a witness)

at the Celestial Kingdon



Bishop Kevin B McMullin

all may receive
all may succeed

this is true

"you are in charge of your world"

evils of chemistry class

failureto approximate the law of averages


good news: we don't have to be like Kevin McMullin

Lord, power, Saints, [illegible]

-be faithful
-unencumber your life
-lay up in store

I think I'm going to go ahead and interpret this as permission to put food storage on Lady Steed's to-do list.

Oh crap.

Now I'm an infidel. Worse than, in fact.

a year's supply of debt and food-free

Ooo! New pamphlets!
I'm there.

like mac&cheese?

mmmmm legumes..........

I don't know how to spell that.
But it didn't sound Italian

Trust in the Lord with all thy heart
lean unto him
He will direct you


President Faust

what about the talks specifically for men between 40 and 60?

Peter, priest, learns to listen to the spirit during ordaining a teacher

IS the Lord's business

darn fathers/mothers/society/will

The devil can't make me do it?


old age - difficulties run into us.

my paisley tie seems to represent the food chain

a generous supply of baling wire

any kind of skill requires specialized learning

Jacob Marley. That poor guy really screwed things up.

Y? reqs hard work
reqs time

leverage uniqueness

could make beds but not his bed

Go forth in faith


President Monson

6½ billion

courage (counts)

"all the boys you could capture"

"Have Courage My Boy to say No"
errr, yes

always, at all times
"I am carrying my priesthood here"

the limit of priesthood comes to you

I'll be in the Navy! Not a mission!

the story about the book at the bottom of the bag is his story

Monson! Aren't you an elder!
Give me a blessing!

surprising that he'd never even seen a blessing before

pursuit of worthyness

does he ever turn down an invitation?

knocked-down road sign
dying of liver cancer
wet rag
right hand and left
angels round about you

no greater joy than to hear my children walk in truth
give your [dying] father that

I wonder if he calls his wife before going off on these things or if she's just grown to accept that he's just off doing good


President Hinckley

"I regret that I am so old at a time when the world is so exciting."

almost 40% of all this dispensation's missionaries(!)
3mil400,000 converts (>¼ current membership)
retention (def?) up "significantly"

Put your shoulder to the wheel

I'm no elephant....

on Joseph F Smith
dad dies
crosses plains
mission to Hawaii
(via SF shingle mill)
remarkable dream
(friendless save for the poor
(no intelligence, just a boy
(dreamed of a journey
(Hurry! Hurry!
([I remember him speaking of this]
(carrying only a bundle
(mansion, destination
(bundle--clean clothes
(Prophet Joseph Smith: You're late.
(JFS: Yes, but I am clean! I am clean!
(clasped, drawn in, door closes
(Hyrum, Brigham, Heber, Willard
(a man, a man, I am a man
(a valley of people
(onstage: people known: incl. mother)
awoke a man
without fear
witness/manifestation: "made me what I am"; if anythng good at all

Joseph, you are late.
Yes, but I am clean! I am clean!
---and thus a boy became a man
---possessed of courage
---born of a clear conscience

Isaiah: wash you, make you clean, put away evil, learn to do well, scarlet sins white as snow.

be ye clean that bear the vessels of the Lord

(I think that was the title of the last talk)

clean language
(ixnay on the ainvay)

clean thought

clean body (dress/manner)
(ixnay on the attootay)

sloppy dress---}sloppy manners




cultivate kinship with HIM




President James E Faust

The Healing Power of Forgiveness

that crazy guy who shot up the Amish

hurt w/o hate

love them who hate you

it is an incredible story

I haven't heard the family's letter before

How did the Amish forgive?

Because of a fully incorporated faith in Christ.

anger as normal first response

we may never know why some things happen

forgiveness leads to greater well being--fat people, listen up

required to forgive all, even people who slip in casual fat jokes

"This thing will destroy my family if we don't forgive."

healing and peace came with forgiveness

hatred retards spiritual growth


Elder Dallin H Oaks

on divorce

"divorce touches most families in the Church"

the effects of divorce on the eternal family relationships

is marriage only a private relationship?

easier to divorce than fire sometimes

"starter" marriages

looking at marriage as a fragile contract not good

from the beginning [divorce] was not so

marriage as requirement, as godly, as eternal

but some marriages do not progress

because of the hardness of our hearts, we are not held to the standard Jesus taught

to good Church members who have been divorced:

a couple awful stories from the Philippines

need for the healing power of the Atonement (available)

to married members, spec. those considering divorce:

for most problems, remedy not divorce but repentence

problem not ... shoot lost it ... but selfishness

divorce not an all-purpose solution, has many long-term not-good consequences

b/c divorce separates children from the longterm goals of parents, children suffer; divorced parents deprioritise children

a marriage, like life, a precious, living thing

we do not give up while any prospect for healing

balance current disappointments with past good and future glory

festering is destructive,
forgiving divine

cf: Faust

UNIVERSALLY, all divorcers insist that their situation is special and unique and exempts them from what they agree is the proper way to do things

change as excuse

stat: divorce rarely makes people happier
stat: staying married usually does

"my husband and I and the Lord . . . if two of us can hang in there, we will make it"

cannot control and not responsible for the acts of others, even when they hurt us deeply

Do the best you can.

to those contemplating marriage:

avoid marrying an unfaithful cad

if you wish to marry well, enquire well

hanging out and email insufficient

"ample opportunities" (!)

marriage does not require a perfect man and a perfect woman (one perfect person enough?)

sacrifice, sharing, redaction of personal liberty, economy, children and their baggage, deepest and sweetest emotions of all


Elder Neil L Anderson

April 1973? That was a long time ago.

GBH meets young naval officer, convert, not from Christian nation thus may lose all on his return

"It's true isn't it? Then what else matters?"

some things are evil and must be avoided
some things are nice
some things are important
some things are absolutely essential

build and fortify faith

when an individual motivated by conviction of truth....(it's good)

do our choices reflect such motivations?

I lost my CTR ring and cannot choose the right

excuses can impede our progress

oh.....that kind of veil....


this refrain manner of talk-giving seems to be gaining in poplarity among General Conference speakers


Sister Nikki E Matsumori

The Book of Mormon has stories for kids of all ages.

to convert parents?

to someone without knowledge of the story, she could be interpreted as saying that we convert people so their children can fight those unconverted; not so! hooo

on the evils of Isaiah

persistence is the key (to reading the scriptures)

learn that Jesus is the Savior


covenants increase faith

Holy Ghost

Mexico City

not all goodly parents are Mormon (pt1)
but their legacy can still strengthen their convert children in the gospel

first-generation converts' obligation to pass on new truth to their children


Elder Glen L Pace

kyo whey whey wun
(only one in the high school)

to the youth: do you know Joseph Smith was a prophet of God?

"Oh....but I always wanted to read that pamphlet. Thank you!"

it worked every time

inescapably bored
stack of free stuff
Joseph Smith tells his own story
heart filled with joy


the Comforter will bring all things to your remembrance

read and pray about Joseph Smith story


Elder M Russell Ballard

Bible as miracle

Bibly holy

Bible's role in teaching of Christ

Bible's existence may be blamed on neither chance nor coincidence

(inspired folk)

(sacrificing folk)

(is it Teasdale or Tynsdale)

Roger Williams calls for restoration

looking for God with the Bible

(meaning Bible as tool,
not the god with a book)

reformers led to wide Bible ownership led to First Vision

(Roger Williams dead by now)

Hooray for the Bible!

search the scriptures for they are they which testify of me

scriptures rich in history sermons doctrines testimonies

LDS believe that all scripture given by inspiration of God and is profitable

Bible a pillar of our faith, a powerful testimony of Christ

studying the Bible reveals doctrinal underpinning of the restored gospel

need to balance study to understand all scripture

Do Not Devalue the Bible

bedrock of all christianity

our responsibility is to share
we do not belittle
we do not dilute or abandon the Bible
we build upon it
in testimony of Christ

"another" testament, not "the" testament

last conference, Bible quoted ~200 times

we not only believe, but strive to follow the B's teachings

we must help all--even our own members--to understand the Bible



Pr Hinckely

sounds older

feeling like the last leaf on the tree

but some of you may go before I do

but with age in mind, wish to give testimony of the basic truths of this work

may not know everything, but of that which I am certain I speak today

Nicea, ad325

our fortune: doctrine not from committee but from personal experience, starting with Joseph Smith in the Grove

too many experiences of answered prayers

counsel with the Lord in all thy doings and he will direct thee for good

if ye do these things (pray) ye will be lifted up at the last day

2. (also re: First Vision) Christ lives

Creator, Jehovah, Savior, Word

great atoning sacrifice

forgave murderers


3. the Atonement
w/o it life meaningless

mortality a stepping stone to a more glorious future

no Christmas without Easter

4. re: Restoration

priesthood (A&M)

misheard: "ladies' hands on the heads of Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery" (Lady Steed heard it that way too)

Is any sick among you? Let him call for the elders of the church.

5. the blessings of the House of the Lord

offer blessings had nowhere else)

sealing of families for eternity

most remarkable: authority to do vicarious work

20,005 sessions? That's a lot.

~as many people as in the Conference Center today

imagine if we were all so dedicated


last session
Monson conducts

Elder L Tom Perry

the activator kid

gospel restored for all who will listen and obey

I wonder if we're hearing about the First Vision more than usual this conference....

and, of course, the first article of faith is often now first quoted by antiMormons. that's not irony; that's to be expected; and for the same reasons

point: God DOES inspire men in THIS day and age

the churning out of the book of mormon

Oliver's a much fancier wordsmith than Joseph

May 5, 1829

the power to act in the name of the Lord again on the earth

I just told that story to my Primary class last week

April 6, 1930

New church!

message unique: fullness of gospel restored


saving ordinances revealed


Elder Henry B Eyring


What's wrong with today?

And then you run out of time.

God gives each day as a treasure. And he will require an accounting.

Worrying about old yesterdays, looking to uncoming tomorrows, not so good.

"SOMEDAY I WILL" a thief of time (life).

postnow: that darkness in which no labor may be performed

not that it matters----you will, after all, be possessed of the same spirit then as now....

get those garments made white in the blood of the Lamb

choose ye this day whom ye will serve, but as for me and my house....

the Holy Ghost is a cleanser of sin

Even Jesus said he must work while it is day, for come the night, nothing may be done

Ergo, we must labor for him and serve him without delay

Hooray for those who arrive early

early in a literal day, study and prayer, can also send the day off in a good way

nothing about this life meant to be easy

test them now herewith
see how we'll react

we had confidence before we arrived
(can we feel so now?)

receiving gospel
reception of the Holy Ghost
all possible for even the humblest of us
no requirement of great intellect or wealth

temptation to procrastinate will always be great

that his bowels may be filled with mercy that he will know how to succor his people

tepmptation to delay comes from
1-complacency re: what already done
2- overwhelmedness re: what yet to do



Sheez. No pressure.

leave it to others cause I'm all good, or my next day will come

The Danger in Taking a Rest (b/c you feel you have done enough)

Elderly servant: "Oh please, take me with you."

Never stop moving.

Like a shark.

the days of the children of men were prolonged that they might repent while in the flesh

overwhelmed by own poverty no excuse to wait
serve now
they may be waiting for you
in the name of the Lord

two promises for the overwhelmed
1-hardest things seem today better if you serve today anyway as you will receive new strength and confidence; Jesus will take care of it
2-by choosing to serve to day you will feel His love and grow to love Him more

...for how knoweth a man a master whom he has not served and is far from the thoughts and intents of his heart?

feeling his love will draw you back into service knocking away feelings both complacent and overwhelmed

so pray every day


Elder Gary J Coleman

Courtney the 14-yr old Mormon Christian Mormon

A christian faith centered on the Savior

the idea of three separate beings dates to biblical times--why, the Father spoke at Jesus's batpism!

post His death and resurrection, Stephen (Steven?) saw them both

this separation doctrine became lost

Curse those Niceans! Those Constantinopleans!

many struggle with that teaching of the Trinity

when he learned the Mormon thoughts on the subject, oh, what a difference!

(check: First Vision)

the good shepherd

reality of additional scripture and revelation

Lady Steed and I were just noticing how this conference seems to be hitting very hard very basic doctrines like the First Vision, our takes on Christ, the Godhead, scripture....

Wonder if more people not LDS are listening than usual because of Mitt Romney?


living water

Restoration of Priesthood Authority ("or the authority to act in God's Name") (see?)

every priesthood holder can trace his authority directly to Jesus Christ

"I am a devout Christian"
fortunate to have all these truths just enumerated
understanding of the Godhead ... etc



Elder Charles W Dalquist

(I hope I'm matching names and talks correctly)

GBH a prophet as much as any other previous

to YMs and YWs of the church, their leaders, YSAs:

"there never was such a time as this ... such a generation of youth" (gbh)

baptized beneath a storm of stones and shouts
miraculously untouched

Who's on the Lord's side, who?
We ask it fearlessly.
Who's on the Lord's side, who?

a question for us all

recommended answer: I am.

consider going back for the brass plates


not recommended: Who me?

consider the other Israelites v Goliath

(i am a child of god)

living prophets
that sweet ole pamphlet

memorized hymn

God knows us as his children

everyone paying attention to this talk should send me a quarter for a free single-serve cone at Cold Stone*


Elder Yoshihiko Kikuchi

The Law of Tithing


quoting Malachi

robbing God, storehouses, proving, windows of heaven

ah, so that D&C scripture means you should note your funds at Dec 31 and pay tithing on the difference on the next Dec 31. So be sure to spend everything before that date.*

I the Lord require a willing heart and mind

stake reoprganization assignment


young bishop called as new stake president

Elder K thinking about the drought

asked them to
1-faithfully pay tithing
2-regular prayer
3-daily scripture
4-willing Sabbath observance
5-temple often
6-willingly sustain and follow new leaders
7-stakewide fast (and any others who want to participate)

the coming of rain

on entire community

in complete disregard of the forecast

and again

late in April

snow in the mountains (=good)

reservoir filled (almost)

frost came late the following winter to allow the harvest

blessings continue

in Chronicles: peole humble and pray and leave wickedness and then He hears from heaven and forgives their sins and heals their land

tithing paid by faith

(money incidental)

take the lord at his word

(last three gbh)

let us demonstrate faith with tithing

Jesus the savior
Joseph saw him and his father
Gordon the prophet now, inviting you to the temple


Elder Dieter Uchtdorf

The Point of No Return

devil would have us believe each sin constitutes such a point

the devil may quote scripture

sin: the willful transgression of the law of God

God never loses hope in/for us

Jesus came not to condemn the world but that the world might be saved

safe return possible if we follow the plan of God for our salvation

a Great Plan of Happiness
(and salvation)

eternal happiness and glory

consequences for generation to come
and that came before

all have sinned
all come short of the glory of God
repentance and forgiveness possible

yes, we are accountable

we may claim the blessings and mercies of the Atonement

"the divine and eternal operative principle of repentence"

no, it's not repentence that saves us,
but the blood of the lamb

not what we do, no matter how sincere,
but Christ's mercy, grace, forgiveness

true repentence--what is it?
requires a strong (and correct) faith
trust in God
faith in Christ changes thoughts beliefs behaviors not in line with God's will

true repentance affects our life with the effects of the Atonement

the essence of the miracle of forgiveness is that it brings peace

God wipes away the tears of remorse, anguish, guilt, etc

wickedness never was happiness

nothing so exquisite and sweet as was my joy

let these things trouble you no more
only your sins
with that trouble that will bring you down into repentance

removed: burden of guilt for our sins

Holy Ghost will verify this to us
no other testimony of repentance can be greater

Come Unto Me all ye that labor and are heavy-laden

encircled in the arms of love

I the Lord remember no more
Ah, but we remember
Thus how can it be

key: Satan is a LIAR


after Alma forgiven, yes, he could remember his sins, but those memories troubled him no more

not that we should dwell on old sins

for will not God remember them no more?

extending forgiveness a precondition to receiving forgiveness

we need the moral courage to forgive and to ask forgiveness

including...forgiving ourselves.....


Elder Russell M Nelson

last year while en route to stake conference, stopped at restaurant; leaving, an unkempt woman (28) called out to them

she spills the story of her sins

but as she spoke, the beauty of her soul gradually revealed

any way out?

hope linked to repentence
you can change,
come unto Christ,
be perfected in him

the kingdom of God at hand, repent

ye must repent, be baptized, become as a little child

with restoration, doctrine restressed

I, God, suffered these things for all that they might not suffer if they would repent


if they do not repent....

you know.....

able to deny themselves of all ungodliness

reinstitution of paid indulgences*

repentence necessary for spiritual growth

natural man an enemy to God till he gives in to the Spirit

ie, conversion


dead who repent will be redeemed though ordinances performed in the house of God

Earth will be smitten with a Curse without a Welding Link

Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam?!?!


And you too!

And, also, he wants us to be welding blacksmiths



President Gordon B. Hinckley

wonderful conference
rededicated Tabernacle
filled to capacity every session
words gone across the world
now we go home
oh wait
I am home
I don't need to drive
but yeah! drive carefully!
use the May Ensign for FHEs
each speaker's words represent prayerful attempts to inspire
so be better
may we have peace and harmony in homes
love, treasure LS
encourage me, wife!
he's right!
it's an old one, but still a chestnut!
I do need all the help I can get!



The end.


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