Elder Ballard Sez
(a svithe)

Elder Ballard.

En-her-gy Girl spoke in church today (and did a fine job, btw) (which makes three bloggers to give excellent talks this month). Anyway, she mentioned something my brother blogged about and that I had intended to svithe today, but nearly forgot: the apostolic call to blog.

Yep, the word's come down from Elder Ballard: we Mormon bloggers need to get the LDS viewpoint out on the Vital Issues of the Day.

I'm not much-a-one for a) New Year's Resolutions or b) blogging on the Vital Issues of the Day, but I think we can expect lots of silly talk about Mormons out there in the void come 2008. So my svithe/NYR today is this: I resolve to get into the fray in a wholesome, bright-eyed way, thus obeying a prophet of God and, perhaps, getting interviewed on a highly rated radio program where the host is a jerk and hates everyone. I furthermore resolve not to loose my temper or to stew about that &*^%$$# for ten to twenty days afterward.

I also resolve to stop seeking out monkeys simply to make dog collars from their tails before the ASPCA finds out.


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