Super Bowl Svithe (a metaphor)


So I just learned why football is so boring: on television, you only see about 11 minutes of the actual game (this is supposed to make it more interesting --- by adding a story --- but if that's so then the NFL would be fatally boring and lose fans one stadium-full at a time and I can't accept that).

On the theory that professional football is actually interesting in person, I'm going to make a metaphor about life.

Life = football in this metaphor and watching it on tv is sitting around watching life pass you by. Actually attending a game and being part of the cheering crowd makes you more involved and less bored and, one presumes, actually putting on a helmet and getting concussions will be less boring of all.

To svithify this, may I suggest that God put us on earth to play a game and not sit around and watch others play.

That is all.


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