RRR: (the rrr svithes)


Many's the time I start a svithe and do not finish it. Reasons for not finishing are legion. Among them: forgetting what I was going to say, having the passion dissipate before I sit down, being desperate for an idea and abandoning a weak first attempt, (and so on and so on).

So here's a collection of the unfinished. On the off chance that there is still something of worth to be found. And to clean out my ehouse as part of Thmusing's reduce-reuse-recycle project.


Svithe: No more gore


    11/16/08 3:43 PM

Svithe: Renewal of Faith

    quote HBL: re:moonbeam

    religious faith and romantic love

    decide to REMAIN in love every day, not decide to refall in love everyday

    9/27/08 7:48 PM

A brief j/s svithe

    Joseph Smith Nutcracker, Dictionary.

    Dictionaries are full of good information, right Joseph Smith Nutcracker?

    8/14/08 6:50 AM

christmas svithe? draft

    Money Christ.

    12/16/07 6:57 PM

Svithe me this, Batman


    9/23/07 10:14 PM

If this was all dissatisfying, I am sorry. Not all svithey creativity is excellent, what can I say. But still we try, still we try.

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