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En-her-gy Girl wrote me earlier this week to share with me a fantastic idea she has for getting writing done. It had been on her blog but I had missed it. Full disclosure: I tend to drift away from blogs that are either private or don't allow comments, and I don't use a reader, so . . . .

Anyway, while I was there, I read her post Payback time!.

(I'll pause for a moment while you go read it.)

( . . . . )

( . . . . )

( . . . . )

( . . . . )

( . . . . )

(All done? Okay, back to my post.)

True, don't you think? And it has application way beyond our families--I think this is true of most things in life. Not to suggest horrible tragedies don't show up unexpectedly like a drunk drive through your bedroom at 2am (as once happened to some friends of mine) because they most certainly do. Welcome to Earth. We can't control everything.

HOWEVER. Our expectations do define our reality to an enormous extent. We catalogue what happens according to what we expected to happen and so we see what we want to see. And, I believe in a mystical sort of way, the universe likes to give us what we want to see.

Or to be less nondenominational, God loves us and will give us what we want whether we should want it or not. I think that's pretty true as well.

So want what you want. If you know what I mean.

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