Starting September with a Svithe


When we first moved to Berkeley, I was thrilled nearly every week by the variety of thought and testimony on display. Whether the speaker used Japanese literature or economics to explain gospel principles, I was delighted to be around religious grad students. Lovely stuff.

Many weeks, I took notes to be turned into svithes, but we had no internet and had no internet and continued having no internet for some time, and most of those never made it online.

I recently found a quarter page of such notes and thought I might share it today. Who knows--the notes may even be a year old today.
    "Holy God?" v. Humanism

    His talk hit on Kierkergaard + Hamlet thrilling my shrivelled, intellectual soul. But his talk was on hope + in simple testimony and the sharing of testimony + personal experience (UofU) did the meeting become spiritual to me.

    An accomplished organist and violinist the most [illegible] CCYS....
Did you get that? I think it's a pretty fine sentiment. And a good lesson to me. As a svither and just as a believing human being.


this svithe on thmusings
last week's svithe

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