I'm all alone today, so I'm making an experimental (and noisy) svithe. Forgive me.


So Lady Steed and the Big O went to see her parents this weekend so I could have some time to rewrite two short stories and Byuck, all of which need to get back to their new homes pronto (and hopefully stay there this time).

Yesterday, between bouts of preposition rearranging, I caught up with Master Fob. One of his recent posts inspired me to write about love, but the story I had in mind I'm not ready to tell, so I'm going somewhere else instead. But it's still related--just more more inspired by the fact that today I am alone.

It is bad to be alone. Or at least being alone all the time can't be good. For whatever reason, God made us social creatures. I may be somewhat less social than other people, but I am still human and I do like people. Most of the time.

Or at least I try to be inoffensive. But putting a bunch of wav files in this post certainly isn't helping.

And I don't suppose I will even write a very good post. I'll be too busy figuring out where to stick what to pay much attention to whether or not the whole thing is working. I screw a lot of things up this way. And yet Lady Steed loves me anyway. It's a funny thing about her.

Anyway, people.

Today in Sunbeams, we talked about how we are like Heavenly Father--how he made us like him.

I think it is an extremely safe assumption that God is a social creature himself. The world's a factory designed to make people he would like to spend eternity with. And one of the things I suppose we have to learn how to do is getting along with each other.

Um, actually, that's not what I was planning on talking about. This is a svithe--this'll be more about charity than---

I know, but---

No! No it's not! You aren't listening! Boy, if Lady Steed was here, she---

Ha, ha. Very funny. Let's be serious.

But it wouldn't hurt to talk about Lady Steed a little. After all, she loves me even though I have limited skills:

Because let's face it--brains and artistry just aren't that marketable. I'm not sure what employers want, but it's not that. And so she's a remarkable woman, to stay home and wisen up the Big O while I'm off wasting myself in the pursuit of lucre when we all know she's a much more marketable human being.

Actually, no. It's a three-day weekend. Ha ha!

Anyway, this is a svithe about sociality and leaning on one another and being with one another and helping one another and how that's good. Or it's supposed to be.

I actually feel very strongly about this, even if I don't really live up to it all the time. I feel it's important to help an old lady get her groceries into her trunk, smile at the people we pass on the sidewalk, prevent toddlers from running out onto the Beltway, know our neighbors. We need to genuinely care for the people around us--family, friends, neighbors, strangers; whether in our town or clear across the country. We need to love them all!

Um. Huh. I don't think....

Anyway, forget it. What it comes down to is this: We need people. You, me, God, everyone. And I'm happy to have some good ones in my life. One in particular who's coming home tomorrow. So, if you'll excuse me,

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If you can't get the wavs to work, they are transcribed in the comments section of this svithe on Thmusings. Please follow the link at the end of the svithe. Thank you.